NonStop Aventura born with the idea to  bring the adventure races to all practitioners of physical activities who want to enjoy the sport in a more playful and fun way, through sports events, active recreation or training groups. NonStop Aventura is a services company dedicated to recreational and entertainment activities through sport and adventure.


Race Director - Urtzi Iglesias Mota


Urtzi Iglesias has over ten years involved in the world of adventure racing, first as a runner and in recent years also as organizer. As Columbia Vidaraid team captain has achieved numerous victories in the World Series tests (Ecomotion, Costa Rica AR, Untamed New England, Gold Rush Mother Lode ...) and he came second in the last World Cup. Urtzi also a lover of orientation racing, on foot and mtb, discipline in which has won three championships in Spain in recent years.


He started as organizer six years ago with the organization of the first adventure race held in the Basque Country and the subsequent creation of the Columbia Raid Series. After the organization last year of a world-class event, now he comes with a new challenge, designing the route of an international event at home, and his goal is clear: "This is one of the things I've always wanted to do . Adventure racing fans are increasingly in Basque Country and they deserve a long race. Our country is great for the realization of this sport, it will be difficult to choose only a few of many great places".

General Manager - Cristina Rico Arechaederra
Licenciada en Dirección y Administración de empresas por la universidad de Deusto, Cristina Rico lleva más de 10 años dirigiendo empresas del sector industrial y de servicios. Amante de los deportes outdoor desde hace años, descubrió las carreras de aventura hace 3 años. Desde entonces, corre de forma habitual en carreras de aventura y orientación y ha formado parte del equipo organizador de un gran número de ellas.

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